Auto Link Int PK helps clients to reduce the turnaround time of shutdown projects by optimizing and coordinating component movements and the activities of subcontractors.










By combining all of our skills in land marine and lifting, Osprey can provide a fully coordinated and managed door-to-door service. We have a strong track record and portfolio of successfully delivered projects in many sectors.

The service is more than the sum of its parts; by managing the interfaces, the customs work and the permits we remove the risk from projects for our clients. Add to that engineering, project management and a very comprehensive fleet of equipment on land and sea and it is a strong combination that continues to develop.




Auto Link Int has an extensive program for facilitating tool installation and decommissioning. All of our processes can be tracked online by owners through our specialized project database. Auto Link Int has the expertise to effectively implement and manage your project.

We have experience in deconstructing large-scale manufacturing facilities in a safe controlled and meticulously manage process that is proven to be the most economical. This includes shut-down along with decontamination, disassemble and move out of manufacturing assets.

Obsolete manufacturing plants are filled with reclaimable and recyclable infrastructure, including various hazardous chemicals and waste streams. These contaminants must be remedied as part of the facility commissioning. Our process provides for comprehensive decontamination and disposal of hazardous waste.


With an unparalleled range of equipment available, Auto Link Int can provide a cost-effective and safe approach for the transport of heavy and oversized objects.









Heavy Lifting Services

The Heavy Transport operations are coordinated centrally from our purpose designed cell, and offers a range of services that include Heavy Transport, industries services, and Project Management. Our expertise and experience in the loading and movement of heavy and abnormal loads through out Pakistan.